4th April 2022

Public satisfaction with the NHS has dropped to its lowest level for 25 years according to the British Social Attitudes poll. More people and now dissatisfied with the NHS than satisfied.

Many participants expressed their concerns that it takes too long to get a GP appointment or hospital treatment, and that there are not enough staff to keep up with the need for care. The fall in satisfaction with the NHS comes as record numbers of people wait for hospital treatment – in England more than six million people are currently on a waiting list. The current waiting times vary across the UK but it is not unusual for patients to be waiting 5 months to see an NHS Physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy is an essential part of the UK health system, with Physiotherapists assessing and treating physical injuries and conditions of all sorts. Rapid access to physiotherapy and ongoing care ensures that you can return to work and leisure activities as soon as possible, and it also helps to reduce the possibility of injury recurrence.

At Sano Physiotherapy Ltd we can help to relieve the current stresses on the NHS through our rapid access physiotherapy services.

We support the NHS directly across the UK, working with GPs, Primary Care Networks, CCG’s and newly formed Integrated Care Systems. In these settings we provide services for NHS patients directly, with our managers and systems working autonomously to deliver care, allowing precious NHS resources to focus elsewhere, knowing that Physiotherapy is being delivered to the highest standards.

We also currently see patients without referral within 1 week and the timing of your appointment is entirely up to you. You won’t have to miss work or school because we’re open late and at weekends. Self-referral is an effective way to relieve pressure on the NHS.

Waiting to see a physiotherapist can be extremely stressful, especially for those suffering from chronic pain. Long waiting times can lead to lost work and a loss of the lifestyle you previously enjoyed. Despite the fact that services are overburdened, no one should be discouraged from speaking with a physiotherapist and receiving the care they need.

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