About Back in Action UK

Our history, and our patient focused approach to occupational physiotherapy.

Back in Action UK was founded in 2001 and our reputation for first rate service and specialist occupational physiotherapy services is well established in the corporate world.

About Back in Action UK

Our history, and our patient focused approach to occupational physiotherapy.

Back in Action UK was founded in 2001 and our reputation for first rate service and specialist occupational physiotherapy services is well established in the corporate world.

Some of the companies we are proud to support

Back in Action UK are a national specialist Occupational Physiotherapy service. We provide physiotherapy and related services to many corporate and public sector clients throughout the UK and work closely with many Occupational Health Companies and Physicians who refer to us for our specialist knowledge and services.

In 2001, Back In Action UK was founded following first-hand experience in industrial rehabilitation in the USA. We discovered that physiotherapy interventions in the workplace helped companies to get their injured employees back to work safely and more quickly.  At this time, this pro-active, forward thinking approach was an uncommon practice in the UK. Using proven results and our experience in workplace health and customer care excellence, we began to deliver a unique, innovative service to our corporate clients in the heart of London.  Alongside delivering excellent clinical outcomes for our patients, we were keen to understand how we could improve our offering further to deliver the very best outcomes for our patients and our expanding corporate client base.

Fully accredited

Occupational Physiotherapy Providers


In 2014, we made the seminal decision to sell our London-based private clinics and move forward with our vision of delivering services on our clients sites around the UK in order to further improve the effectiveness of their service.  Delivering our services onsite enabled us to move away from providing an isolated solution for our patients by engaging with them in the workplace.  From this position we could provide real long term solutions by getting to the source of the problem and being proactive. Our approach enabled us to

reduce the risk of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) and injuries from happening in the first place.


The in-house model enabled us to develop as a specialist in the delivery of workplace ergonomics and occupational physiotherapy to the benefit of our clients and patients alike.

Following our emergence as a workplace specialist we have become a true partner to our corporate customers, helping to deliver company objectives and goals in the health and wellbeing space whilst also improving the bottom line, reducing absence levels, and helping to create a healthier, more productive workforce.

The physio service has been vital, not just for the business here at Polypipe Civils & GU, but also for our employees. It has allowed us to manage and support our people to get them back to normal duties when they have had musculoskeletal issues. The business can fulfil customer requirements a lot quicker with a healthy workforce. Without this service the business would not be as efficient and it has also allowed us to look at best practices within production.

Genuit Group

Nathan Rawdon - Production Manager | Recycling and Extrusion

Our History.


Founded in London

Back in Action UK was born in London, providing private physiotherapy services to those working in the Capital’s Square Mile , and onsite occupational physiotherapy intervention to the gardeners of Regent’s Park.


Expansion within London

Expansion of private clinics and occupational physiotherapy services around the UK leads to the opening of BIA UK’s Head Office in Royal Mint Court.


Continued growth

Continued growth of BIA UK’s occupational physiotherapy arm across the UK leads to onboarding of new shareholder director and support staff.


Focus on occupational physio

BIA UK sell their private London physiotherapy clinics to focus solely on occupational physiotherapy services


BIA partners with Sano

BIA UK partner with The Sano Group to become one of the largest providers of occupational health physiotherapy in the UK.

The benefits of having this was measured in a demonstrable reduction in MSK absence and an increase in engagement. I could not recommend Sano highly enough for any business looking to invest in such a service, well worth any money spent!

Suzanne Bishop

Group Occupational Health and Wellbeing|Polypipe

Polypipe saved 324 sick days over 6 months...

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