On-Site Physiotherapy.

We come to you

Full-day and half-day services available to enhance employee wellbeing, reduce absence, improve morale, and increase productivity.

>4:1 ROI

Proven through customer data

On-Site Physiotherapy.

We come to you

>4:1 ROI

Proven through customer data

Full-day and half-day services available to enhance employee wellbeing, reduce absence, improve morale, and increase productivity.

Back in Action UK’s on-site, physiotherapy service will make your workforce healthier, more productive, and consequently will save your company thousands of pounds each year. Many of our customers have shown a return of over £4 for every £1 spent on our service with some showing as high as 11:1 when the effects of presenteeism are considered.

View our testimonials page to see what our customers have to say about us. Our in-house physiotherapy service is our speciality. We have customers throughout the UK, some of which we have been working with for over 10 years. We are extensively knowledgeable, specialised and experienced. We challenge anyone to provide a better service than we can.

Proudly supporting:

Our physio, who visits our site one day a week feels like part of the team and the service has been greatly accepted by the site with sessions regularly filling. He is adaptable and works with the management team to enable us to deal with employees experiencing musculoskeletal issues whether they are at work or enabling us to assist in their rehabilitation back into work. The service is a selling point for our current workforce and for people who wish to join us in the future too.

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‘Time is Money’. An old cliché that we understand. Our in-house physiotherapy service enables rapid, immediate, effective care as soon as problems arise.

  • No wasted time with employees spending their work time travelling to appointments.
  • No wasted time spent visiting a GP or other medical practitioner unnecessarily.
  • No wasted time with employees being off work with inappropriate ‘2 week sick notes’.
  • No wasted time spent on waiting lists to see a NHS physiotherapist.

We save your company a lot of time which turns into massive cost savings for your company.

Understanding your business

What makes Back in Action UK different is that we embed ourselves within your company right from the start. We get to know your company culture, structure, operations, environment, employees and their job roles and expectations.

A dedicated Back in Action UK physiotherapist will become part of your company team. All our physiotherapists have occupational and industry-specific training and will expertly assess and treat all musculoskeletal disorders and provide return to work and rehabilitation programmes.

Having a physiotherapist in house will mean that they will quickly gain an intimate knowledge of your company’s work demands and job roles such that they can devise return to work programmes if absence is involved, accurately and efficiently and therefore get your company’s employees back to work quickly and safely. We will listen to what your company wants with regards to modified duties and make workplace recommendations and plan return to work programmes accordingly.


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Adding value

At Back in Action UK, we are constantly improving and enhancing our services such that we stay at being the best at what we do. As part of this commitment, we are always looking for ways in which we can provide further value for money to our customers. Educating line managers such that they can use our in-house service to its maximum; providing job site and ergonomic assessments; highlighting areas of injury risk; engaging you in our other related health initiatives. This is all part of the in-house physiotherapy service so you can be sure that it’s a complete and effective one.

Collaborative working

Back in Action UK will ensure that we communicate and liaise efficiently with company managers, Occupational Health departments, and HR and Health and Safety personnel.

As part of our in-house physiotherapy service, we provide your company with bespoke and detailed initial, interim and final reports on each employee that we are asked to assess and treat. We are knowledgeable and aware of the legal regulations associated with consent and reporting and ensure that we adhere to these duties consistently.

We will also provide quarterly Management Information reports and attend management meetings to highlight areas of injury risk and suggest ways in which even greater results in employee health and safety can be achieved.

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