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Our Back in Action UK occupational physiotherapy services deliver a return on investment of more than 7 to 1. Hear what our customers have to say about our on-site physio services.

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Our mission is to continually enhance the quality of physiotherapy services in the UK by being people and data focused and empowering individuals in order to improve outcomes for our Clients, Customers and Colleagues.

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The benefits of having this was measured in a demonstrable reduction in MSK absence and an increase in engagement. I could not recommend Sano highly enough for any business looking to invest in such a service, well worth any money spent!

Suzanne Bishop

Group Occupational Health and Wellbeing|Polypipe

Polypipe saved 324 sick days over 6 months...

Our business area undertook a 6 month pilot with Sano Physio to offer our employees physio sessions to support their musculoskeletal health. This was undertaken to avoid staff becoming unwell or help them return to work sooner. The pilot was successful, with some really good outcomes and we are now about to move forward with a 12 month agreement. Feedback from staff supported by Sano physiotherapists has been really positive. We have found Sano to be a really professional and well organised company to work with.

Katrina Creswick

Attendance Co Ordinator|Leeds City Council

Leeds City Council reported saving £272,000 in a 12 month period, after service costs.

From mobilisation to pilot completion, Sano have been flexible in their approach to working with Bakkavor and have helped us effectively manage MSDs in the workplace. Sano are proactive in collating and analysing data and have demonstrated significant ROI for Bakkavor whilst delivering multiple intangible benefits for our employees.

Simon Cumpsty

Head of HR|Bakkavor

A successful pilot that has led to a national roll-out supporting 17,000+ colleagues

We are incredibly fortunate to have Sano physiotherapy as part of our network. Their skilled practitioners, robust clinical governance and adaptability to change have consistently delivered outstanding results. Their commitment to patient well-being aligns perfectly with our mission, making them a highly valued collaborator.

Jack Salters

Supplier Manager|HCML

Sano are delivering SLA beating performance for HCML

It's benefit is that it saves GP appointments, it gets people's problems sorted out. They just don't come back, they're not coming for sick notes, or pain medication. The contact with Sano Physiotherapy has been, in my opinion, excellent. In terms of fitting in, it's providing a service we didn't have before

Carl Foster

Clinical Director|Armley PCN

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Service coverage across the entire UK

  • Self-refer with private medical insurance or self-fund
  • Refer clients into our clinics
  • FCP and Occupational Physio coverage across the UK